Sunflower Meal

A sunflower meal is called the pulp, which occurs by grinding the remaining product after removing the oil from the sunflower seeds in their whole state.

Sunflower meal is of great importance in animal husbandry and is often used as compound feed. It is a type of feed that can be used not only for people who are engaged in the dairy and fattening business, but also for those who are engaged in the poultry business. Likewise, it is known that the use of sunflower meals as feed-in chickens increases the yield of eggs taken from chickens.

Sunflower meal is divided into two groups. When separating two groups, the underlying point is the inadequacy or abundance of sunflower meal. The protein content of the unshelled group is 40% and above, and the cellulose ratio is 15%. In the shelled group, the protein ratio can be approximately 15%, and the cellulose ratio can reach up to 38%. Cellulose, protein, and energy-fuelled sunflower meal are good sources of nutrition for our farmers in dairy and nutrition.