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Corn is one of the crops that has been farmed for many years. Its homeland is the American continent, and it is known to spread all over the world from there. Around 1600, it came to İstanbul from Egypt through Syria under the name of "Egyptian corn". As corn spread to Europe from the Ottoman Empire, in many European languages the corn has been called "Turkish wheat".

Since corn grows in temperate and tropical climate zones, it can be farmed more or less in almost all countries of the world. The yields obtained vary depending on the country and the varieties grown. In addition to the countries with an average grain yield of approximately 50-60 kg, there are also countries where yields of 1 ton or more can be obtained per decare.

The crude fat in the grain is the highest valued nutrient after oats. The grains of the corn plant contain a high percentage of starch and unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin A and sterols. Corn tassel, which is used as a medicine, contains sugar such as glucose and maltose, sterol, resin, potassium salt and essential oil. Corn oil, obtained from corn kernels, is used as a vegetable cooking oil. In addition, due to its nutritional value, corn kernels are also used in the feed industry for animals. Its grains can be turned into flour.