Dear Stakeholders

We have all followed a dream, an ideal, and come to where we are today. With the power and spirituality, we have taken from our roots, we have established our identity. I grew up in a family of farmers and teachers. My worldview and my thoughts about the future took shape in this way. In 1987, I took the first steps of my business life by establishing my own company. Today, I know that we are among the first brands to appear in the minds of agriculture and food, owing to our family business and to our colleagues who have been working hard in our family business for 35 years.  We have come to these days with our solution-oriented approach, standing behind every promise we made, and ethical values on this path that we set our heart on for the value of the land and the labour of the farmer. We proudly carry the name Grainturk, the symbol of our corporate culture, at home and abroad. By investing our every profit in agriculture, adding value to the fertility of our land, we put the sustainability of agriculture into the focus of our activities.  While growing, we shifted our compass to enchancing the prosperity of our country, protecting our national values, and improving our investments for proper storage of agricultural commodities. We have integrated green energy policies into our business models to think of future generations in changing world conditions and leaving them a sustainable legacy. While following the technological developments closely, we have gotten excited about the inclusion of many new concepts in our lives and business. We quickly adjusted to new business models and integrated global development into our own business. The pandemic, which is taking on the whole world, changing our way of life, bringing different dimensions to the dynamics of work, certainly enabled us to better understand the importance of food and agriculture. Global warming has made us realize the danger of drought along with it. The drought that started in 2020 has, unfortunately, caused significant yield losses in agriculture. With our green energy policies, we were able to keep sustainable agricultural production and minimize the negative impact of changing climate conditions. And with our licensed warehousing investments in compliance with green energy policy, we have provided significant support for Turkish agriculture in helping to prevent supply and logistical difficulties in agricultural production. We have steered our course into the field for safe warehousing of our country's agricultural production, and to preserve our farmer's labour. We have told our farmers about licensed warehousing and stored the products, which were produced by them with great effort and overlabour, in our warehouses. We also provided licensed warehousing services to the Turkish Grain Board, which has assumed with ensuring agricultural product price stability in our country.

We have worked hard as a company to remunerate the production, labour, food, and farmers. We know very well that production is a challenging and compelling process. We also know how valuable it is to use our resources correctly. For this reason, we have conducted activities to inform and raise awareness of our farmers' more efficient and modern production, irrigation, and seed use. We have shared our experience with our farmers so that the fertility of our land would last for generations. The expansion of the world economy and the price hikes in agricultural commodities have led to a significant increase in turnover and profitability rates for the products we trade. We have taken effective decisions with our experienced colleagues who follow international markets, harvest situations in producer countries, international agricultural commodity tenders, Turkish Grain Board policies and published reports on a daily basis. As Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said, “A merchant is a man whose hands and intellect have been entrusted to add value to the labour and production of the Nation who must be worthy of that trust", and following in his footsteps; In the extraordinary circumstances that we have experienced, we have worked hard to increase the value of all the farmers’ that we can touch in Turkey, and of their labour. Rather than importing agricultural products, we have focused our energy on domestic product trading, to promote domestic production, bring Turkish farmers, and ensure the continuity of Turkish agriculture. We acted knowing that domestic production is an important economic value. We have begun to grow fruit in our personal gardens, in order to bring back the power, that we receive from our land, to the land; And we realized their export processes to become a full part of our agricultural production. In addition to the agricultural activities that we set our hearts on, we experience a new excitement with another investment that we could add value to human life. We have begun to work on transforming one of our long-term investment instruments, the Shopping Centre in İskenderun, into a more efficient use area. We are pleased to share with you this step we have taken to provide the largest and most luxurious business centre in its location with the NEW TOWER Business and Life Tower. 

With a high economic outlook, we make risk management rigorously, and take significant steps to manage the potential problems we could face. In addition, we have minimized our collection risk and maturity because transactions in the spotlight pass through the Central Registry Agency, especially with the use of TÜRİB in the sales process. We have updated our customer risk profiles; we’ve realized our sales by adopting new policies. 

As Grainturk, with a success story dedicated to agriculture, we will continue to grow in our country and the international arena, to sustain our investments, to deliver the labour and dedication of Turkish farmers to the world. Agriculture in our country and around the world is perhaps more prominent and valued than ever before. We are going to continue to invest back, what we earn from agriculture, into agriculture. And we are going to continue to divide the fertility of agriculture with the land. I would like to sincerely thank you, our dear customers, suppliers, colleagues, their families, and all our stakeholders who have supported us in this process.


Best Regards,

Murat İçcan

Chairman of the Board of Directors