Visit from Minister Mr. Bekir Pakdemirli to Ozova Group - 24.05.2021 Hatay Vatan

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Mr. Bekir Pakdemirli attended the wheat harvest held in the Amik Plain and visited Ozova Group Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Murat Iccan. Pakdemirli went to the TMO facility after the wheat harvest, made examinations there and chatted with the producers. Later, after making inspections at the Reinforcement facility in the Adalar district, he visited the Ozova Group Licensed Warehousing facilities on the way back. “Thanks to the right decisions we have done, for the first time in Turkey, there is no decrease in the area planted this year, there is an increase.” said Minister Mr. Bekir Pakdemirli, accompanying Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Mrs. Ayşe Ayşin Işıkgece, Hatay Parliamenters, Mr. Huseyin Yayman, Mrs. Sabahat Özgürsoy Çelik, Mr. Hacı Bayram Türkoğlu, Mr. Hüseyin Şanverdi, Mr. Abdulkadir Özel and Hatay Governor Mr. Rahmi Doğan, our Chamber of Farmers President Mr. Mehmet Çelik, TMO General Manager Mr. Ahmet Güldal and the delegation consisting of the heads of departments with him, Mr. Fatih Kaya, Mr. Çagatas Maraş, Mr. Gökhan Gürbüz TMO İskenderun Branch Manager, Mr. Suat Ünlü, Deputy Branch Managers Mr. Yunus Sertoğulları and Mr. Sinan Yan, Ozova Group Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat İçcan, visited Ozova Group's licensed warehouse. He wished him a good and fruitful season. Ozova Group Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Iccan expressed his satisfaction with the visit and thanked Minister Pakdemirli with a plaque.