'Sports Turkey' Award to Businessman Mr. Mete İçcan - 16.12.2011 İskenderun.Org

Businessman Mr. Mete İçcan was awarded for his services to sports during and after the Kırıkhan Sports Club Presidency in Hatay, in the organization organized by Haliç University and sporturkiye.com website. National Team Manager Mr. Abdullah Avcı presented the award to Mr. Mete İçcan. Businessman Mete İçcan left the Presidency of Kırıkhanspor at the end of last year and continued his support with sponsorship services under the name of companies Ozova Group. Mr. Mete İçcan, who was awarded for his services to sports at the ceremony organized by the Hatay branch of TURFAD (Turkish Footballmen's Association) held in Iskenderun, was also given the second award at the ceremony held in Istanbul.