Ozova Tarım is the Tax Champion in Kırıkhan - 28.05.2013 İskenderun.Org

Ozova Tarım, which has made significant contributions to the economy of Hatay with its investments and employment in recent years, has become the champion of Kırıkhan in corporate tax. Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Murat İçcan stated that they will continue to work with all their means to generate tax revenue for the country and stated that taxation is sacred and that being the first in Kırıkhan makes them proud. Underlining that as Ozova Group, they focus on tax with great sensitivity, Chairman of the Board, Mr. İçcan, announced that they will increase their efforts to go higher in the rankings. Mr. Mete İçcan, Member of the Board of Directors, stated that they undertake an important mission as a group in order to contribute to the economy of the country and the region, and said, “We have some projects on increasing our trade volume. Our aim is to contribute to the regional and national economy. For this purpose, we are working on new targets and projects”.