Father Kazakhstan, Son Honorary Consul of Senegal - 04.11.2017 Antakya Newspaper

Young businessman from Kırıkhan, Mr. Mevlüt Emre Iccan became the Regional Honorary Consul of Senegal. Senegal Ambassador Mr. Mustafa Embakke, Hatay Deputy Governors: Mr. Orhan Mardinli and Mr. Mahmut Hersanlıoğlu, MKU Rector Mr. Hasan Kaya, Kırıkhan District Governor, Kırıkhan District Mayor, District Commander, District Police Chief and many citizens attended the ceremony held at Özova Group on Wednesday. Senegal Regional Honorary Consul Mr. Mevlut Emre Iccan started his speech by thanking the participants; Reminding that they have made mutual political and commercial agreements with the Republic of Senegal on many issues, he expressed his belief that they will further develop the developing markets as friendly countries by moving them to Hatay with the consulate office they opened. In summary, Mr. Iccan said: "Our Consulate will build a bridge between Senegal and Turkey in the economic and cultural field, and in this context, I will try to represent both Senegal and our country in the best way possible." Senegal's Ambassador Mr. Mustafa Embakke, after thanking for the interest and hospitality shown, noted that it is a great honor for them to open an honorary consulate in Hatay for a country like Senegal and said, "This honor is someone who is known for my country's sense of responsibility and dynamism like Mr. Mevlüt Emre İçcan. It is a great honor for my country to be represented in Hatay, the agricultural city of Turkey, which is the meeting point of Muslim, Christian and Jewish civilizations. This appointment is an expression of confidence given to Mr. İçcan by the Senegal authorities,” he said, adding, “I declare that Mevlüt Emre İçcan has been officially appointed as Senegal Honorary Consulate on behalf of the Republic of Senegal, and thank you for your interest.” Hatay Deputy Governor Orhan Mardinli expressed the wishes of the Honorary Consulate of Senegal good luck to Kırıkhan, Hatay and our country and continued as;  I congratulate both Mr. Mevlüt Emre İççan and his father as the Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan for undertaking such a beautiful task in order to develop good relations and feelings of brotherhood with other countries in Hatay and Kırıkhan, which are connected to our country, in order to develop economic, social, cultural, commercial and touristic relations. As you know, after the directions of our President to open embassies especially in African countries, many embassies were opened in Africa.  We fully believe that the dynamics of our honorary consul in Hatay will do the duties given as the Ambassador said, in terms of making huge investments in Senegal regarding the current economic power in Hatay and other investments, and increasing the economic and commercial relations with it. To these feelings and thoughts, I wish success to Mr. Mevlüt Emre İçcan as he was appointed as Senegal Regional Honorary Consul.”