60 sqm Turkish flag on the border - 09.03.2021 Sabah

Hatay has been the capital of brotherhood and indulgence for years… While the war is going on in Syria right next to it, Muslims, Christians, Armenians, Jews, Alevis, Sunni, Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants have lived together in Hatay for centuries. I saw a photo recently. A big Turkish flag is waving in all its glory right on the border. I learned that Mr. Murat Iccan, a businessman from Kırıkhan, opened a 100.000 tons factory owned by Ozova Group, 35 kilometers from the Syrian border. Iccan's sons, Mevlüt-Onur İçcan, says that although mortars were fired many times during the construction of the factory in Kırıkhan, the factory construction never stopped. İçcan intimidated the enemy by placing a 60 square meter Turkish flag on the highest hill of the factory.